Habakkuk 2

2:1 I will stand at my watch post;

I will remain stationed on the city wall.1

I will keep watching, so I can see what he says to me

and can know2 how I should answer

when he counters my argument.3

The Lord Assures Habakkuk

2:2 The Lord responded:4

“Write down this message!5 Record it legibly on tablets,

so the one who announces6 it may read it easily.7

2:3 For the message is a witness to what is decreed;8

it gives reliable testimony about how matters will turn out.9

Even if the message10 is not fulfilled right away, wait patiently;11

for it will certainly come to pass—it won’t be late arriving.

2:4 Look, the one whose desires are not upright will faint from exhaustion,12

but the person of integrity13 will live14 because of his faithfulness.15

2:5 Indeed, wine will betray the proud, restless man!16

His appetite17 is as big as Sheol’s;18

like death, he is never satisfied.

He grabs19 all the nations;

he seizes20 all peoples.

The Proud Babylonians are as Good as Dead

2:6 “But all these nations will someday taunt him21

and ridicule him with proverbial sayings:22

‘The one who accumulates what does not belong to him is as good as dead23 (How long will this go on?)24

he who gets rich by extortion!’25

2:7 Your creditors will suddenly attack;26

those who terrify you will spring into action,27

and they will rob you.28

2:8 Because you robbed many countries,29

all who are left among the nations30 will rob you.

You have shed human blood

and committed violent acts against lands, cities,31 and those who live in them.

2:9 The one who builds his house by unjust gain is as good as dead.32

He does this so he can build his nest way up high

and escape the clutches of disaster.33

2:10 Your schemes will bring shame to your house.

Because you destroyed many nations, you will self-destruct.34

2:11 For the stones in the walls will cry out,

and the wooden rafters will answer back.35

2:12 The one who builds a city by bloodshed is as good as dead36

he who starts37 a town by unjust deeds.

2:13 Be sure of this! The Lord who leads armies has decreed:

The nations’ efforts will go up in smoke;

their exhausting work will be for nothing.38

2:14 For recognition of the Lord’s sovereign majesty will fill the earth

just as the waters fill up the sea.39

2:15 “You who force your neighbor to drink wine40 are as good as dead41

you who make others intoxicated by forcing them to drink from the bowl of your furious anger,42

so you can look at their genitals.43

2:16 But you will become drunk44 with shame, not majesty.45

Now it is your turn to drink and expose your uncircumcised foreskin!46

The cup of wine in the Lord’s right hand47 is coming to you,

and disgrace will replace your majestic glory!

2:17 For you will pay in full for your violent acts against Lebanon;48

terrifying judgment will come upon you because of the way you destroyed the wild animals living there.49

You have shed human blood

and committed violent acts against lands, cities, and those who live in them.

2:18 What good50 is an idol? Why would a craftsman make it?51

What good is a metal image that gives misleading oracles?52

Why would its creator place his trust in it53

and make54 such mute, worthless things?

2:19 The one who says to wood, ‘Wake up!’ is as good as dead55

he who says56 to speechless stone, ‘Awake!’

Can it give reliable guidance?57

It is overlaid with gold and silver;

it has no life’s breath inside it.

2:20 But the Lord is in his majestic palace.58

The whole earth is speechless in his presence!”59

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